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14 Best Portable Linux Distro to Boot and Run from USB Dec 12, 2019 best live-cd distro? - Feb 19, 2004 5 Live Linux Desktop Distributions You Should Know - 5 Live Linux Desktop Distributions You Should Know. Ubuntu. Ubuntu heads up my list of Live distros for several reasons. The main reason is easy—Ubuntu, as a live distribution, makes an incredible Netrunner. BunsenLabs Linux. Porteus. AV Linux.

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Live CDs - a way to choose your distro - KDE UserBase Wiki A live CD version of Kubuntu. Kubuntu is a community distribution based on Ubuntu. Homepage. openSUSE. openSUSE no longer offers a live cd of its regular distribution. However, there are live cd's based on the regular distributions but giving you the very latest development versions of KDE software: