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Windows, use Internet Explorer as Firefox does not handle the new DD-Wrt v24beta interface well. 2. Go to tab "Setup", sub-tab "Basic Setup": Change "local IP address" to a unique subnet (different than device you wish to repeat), such as IPredator - Setting up a PPTP connection on iOS Enter IPredator as a Description. The Server to connect to is pptp.ipredator.se. Please enter your username in the Account field. Leave the Encryption Level set to Auto. Make sure to have Send All Traffic turned on. Turn off Proxy settings. To end the configration click Done. Wlan Repeater - DD-WRT Wiki No setup changes are required to be made to your host-router / AP except that you usually must use WPA2-AES ONLY for dd-wrt to work. Also, some other revisions or adjustments may be desirable, as stated below. if your host AP is 192.168.1.x, then your repeater could be subnet 192.168.2.x or or any other unique subnet in your How to Install DD WRT on Your Router: 15 Steps (with Pictures) Jan 28, 2018

A DD-WRT router does not use an install CD, and instead configuration is done through a setup web page hosted on the router itself. To set a DD-WRT router up, first plug in the power. Wait a moment, at least 10 seconds or until the power light stops flashing, then either connect to the wireless network 'dd-wrt' or connect an ethernet cable to

Nov 29, 2018

If you are confident with DD-WRT then simply follow our setup guides for setting up your router with Unlocator Smart DNS DD-WRT is a very powerfull open source software that works with a …

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