You can test your Internet speed by going to PC Pitstopor If your download speed isn’t at least 1.2 megabits per second (1200 kbps), you have a slow Internet connection. Online video playbackwill be choppy, downloading large emails will be slow, and some web sites will load slowly.

The most important: viruses and malware. When your computer gets infected with spyware, a browser hijacker or a spy software program or a rootkit, you can expect two bacic system problems: your computer is running slow and a slow internet. To get your PC infected by malware is for hackers quite easy to accomplish. My Computer Is Slow Your computer may be infected with a spyware or virus which could be the reason why your computer is slow depending on the severity of the virus. You may want to act on this problem quickly as there are destructive viruses that could do a lot of damage to your computer. Overheated computer | Why your internet is running slow 2 days ago · Your computer re-starts or shuts off for no apparent reason. How to fix your overheated computer . The best way to fix an overheated laptop is to put some measures in place to prevent it. Keep your internet running at top speeds and your computer functioning at its highest capacity by maintaining your device with these simple steps. How Do I Prevent Slow Internet Service? (with pictures)

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