Hi again. Forget my previous mail. Needed a full reboot. MAC now is on eth0 and all sub (VLAN) interface. Only thing that differ from your procedure, probably cause my controller is running on a Pi is that folders were a little bit different (symlink) and the owner was the user Unifi witch I don’t have the password.

Unifi : No longer able to control Block/Unblock of network If I click it again, the switch goes to the off position. Unifi device continues to remain blocked. Lovelace UI swtich reverts to ON again, device still blocked in Unifi. To Unblock I must click the switch, then when its still in the off position click it again so it is commanded ON. it then unblocks the device in Unifi. UBIQUITI UAP-PRO USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib See “Configuration” on page 45 for information on the Unblock Click to unblock a wireless device. See “User/ application of User Groups to Users/Guests. Guest Details” on page 44 for information on blocking wireless devices. Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. Page 22: Admin Solved: Teamviewer getting blocked - TeamViewer Community Solved: We provide IT service for a large scale company using Teamviewer as a first line of remote support. Their firewall is blocking our - 15193

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