echopraxia [ek″o-prak´se-ah] stereotyped imitation of the movements of another person; seen sometimes in catatonic schizophrenia and Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome. ech·o·prax·i·a (ek'ō-prak'sē-ă), Involuntary imitation of movements made by another. See: echopathy. Synonym(s): echomotism [echo + G. praxis, action] echopraxia (ĕk′ō-prăk

Echolalia. Echolalia is an involuntary repetition of words or sounds made by another person. The repetition can be immediate or delayed. This occurs in Tourette Syndrome, schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, aphasia, and dementia.It can also be seen in some children with language acquisition and vision problems. Echolalia - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics Echolalia is the repetition of words spoken by others, whereas palilalia is the automatic repetition of one’s own words. Echolalia may follow a period of mutism in cases with diffuse cerebral dysfunction (CHI) or may occur in patients with transcortical motor aphasia, that is, disturbed expressive and receptive language with preserved repetition. Echolalia Archives - Speech Therapy Store echolalia [ ek-oh-ley-lee-uh ] definition. Echolalia Definition: What is Echolalia? “The uncontrollable and immediate repetition of words spoken by another person (echolalia, 2002).” “The tendency to repeat mechanically words just spoken by another person (echolalia, 2002).”

Echolalia: Causes, Symptoms, Types, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Echolalia dictionary definition | echolalia defined The involuntary echoing of the last word, phrase, sentence, or sound vocalized by oneself (phalilalia) or by another person or sound in the environment (echolalia) are also classified as complex tics. Echolalia: The child may habitually repeat words or phrases out of context.

The echolalia definition is that some children with autism may repeat or echo another person’s noises, speech, words, or phrases. A person with echolalia may or may not be able to understand others or communicate independently.

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