Jun 02, 2019

Why won't videos on crunchyroll.com work on my computer Jan 09, 2012 FunimationNow Review 2020: Is it Worth It? | finder.com Apr 15, 2020

If it does work you’ll get logged out for no reason. Also if you like to watch anime in your tv, they don’t have a dedicated tv app, casting from iOS is terrible (subtitles don’t appear) I’d honestly recommend it if Crunchyroll was a decent company that actually cared about their product.

Amazon.com: Crunchyroll: Appstore for Android Crunchyroll is one of the primary reasons I purchased the Fire, now it just sits there practically useless because neither you nor Crunchyroll will fix it so the app works on it! Not happy about this! Editing this review fully 6+ months later on June 29, 2016, and the app still DOES NOT WORK!

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Oct 22, 2013