Tap Set up devices follow the in-app steps. If the Set up devices button is not on the screen: To set up your first device in the Home app, tap Get started Set up new devices Create another home Next enter a home nickname & address. Note: You’ll need to enter a nickname, but you can choose not to enter your address. They are not intended for Windows-only users. Unless you can find a way to set up an iCloud device on a Mac or iOS device you will not be able to proceed. iCloud photo sharing can be set up as either public or private - the former can be accessed in any web browser but private sharing requires you to have an iCloud account. Open the Alexa app . Go to the settings menu . Select Add Device.; Select Amazon Echo, and then Echo.; Plug in your device. Follow the instructions to set up your device. Mar 19, 2018 · When you connect to trusted computers, you can sync with your device, back it up to the computer, and access content on the iOS device. Computers remain trusted until you change which computers you trust or erase your device. If you opt to not trust a computer, then all access to your device’s content by that computer is blocked. Mar 07, 2014 · Done! The service is now activated and the device is tied to the Apple ID and iCloud account that was used to set it up. To test Activation Lock or see how it works, see the section below.

The email account is automatically set up with SSL encryption. The device performs the correct configuration in the background. You no longer have to set anything manually. The SSL settings can also be checked later. For more information, see Enabling SSL encryption on your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

The device connects to the IMAP server and authenticates the credentials provided by you. Upon successful authentication, the IMAP account is set up on your mobile device. To configure folder settings for synchronization, select the new account and Click Advanced. MUSC OCIO - Information Services 19 Hagood Avenue, PO Box 250801 Charleston, SC 29425 Phone: (843) 792-9700

This article details how to set up iOS 12 devices with your Xplornet email address. Click here to download a PDF copy of this guide with screenshots. What to have ready: Before you begin, ensure that you have the following items ready: Email username (your full email address) and password

Enabling your iPhone with parental controls will ensure that your children do not have access to any wrong content. The steps are here. Jun 14, 2018 · In this article, we’ll be showing you how to activate and set up iMessage on your iOS device. If you’re having trouble, we’ll also be going over some reasons why your messages might not be working properly, and suggest things you can do to fix them. Let’s start by going over how to turn iMessage on. To set up iMessage: 1.