Jun 17, 2020

Why is my Windows 10, 4 GB Ram & i3 laptop dead slow? - Quora There is no certain specific reason behind the slowing down of Computer systems. But Since its a laptop i will suggest u to first chechkout the Ventilation system of the laptop that there is a proper Air Flow or Not a Improper Airflow leads to rap 8 Reasons Your Windows Laptop Is Running Slow, and How to Jun 17, 2020 Why is my PC slow and hanging? I have 8GB RAM, 500GB There are several possibilities and some recommendations: 1. A program might be misusing your system resources. To check it, simply open the “Task Manager” and observe the entries in dark yellow or red. The ones which are highlighted are using too

Mar 21, 2019

Aug 12, 2019

Mouse Pointer is responding very slow in my Windows 7

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